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Portal Points

The chameleon quality of the portal to Lemuria is a tantalizing part of the mystery and enchantment.

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the door

The journey is quicker than I thought.
I find my way onto a gravel path,
that leads to a giant tree.
I circle around
and find a funny shaped doorknob.
Pounding on this door is not the way.
I wait for something,
but nothing happens.
My journal calls to me.
I write and speak aloud my truth,
and with a tiny click, it opens.
Through a small doorway
down the hollow,
I enter a cave.
And there are thirteen doors waiting,
with one for me.

A golden door beckons to me,
I slip inside.
I find a simple room.
It vibrates with anticipation.
The things I need, I find with a thought
Yet, what I sought was not there a moment ago

Luna Eternally


Portal to Serpentine Road


Raven and I are perched near a portal leading to the famed Serpentine Road. We have been watching the activity near the entrance, interested to see if anyone is really coming in, what adventurers like this ‘fool’ have to offer.

In all likelihood some familiar faces will emerge, smiling, through the portal, just happy to be in the place they have come to know as ‘home’. For coming to Lemuria, for many, is to come home to self.

Travellers who are self sufficient and self motivated can meet other travellers by joining the Ssserpentine Road Yahoo Group.