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Thought and Memory

Huginn and Muninn (‘thought’ and ‘memory’) are characters from Norse mythology. Two ravens rested on the shoulders of the Norse god Odin: Huginn and Muninn, Thought and Memory. The ravens circled the sky, often during battle, and returned in the evening to Odin. It was considered apocalyptic if only one of the ravens should return, the consequences being a society governed by memory without thought, or thought without memory.

Having gathered my bearings it is evident that Raven is not with me in Lemuria in the capacity of Muse alone. She sits on my shoulder, by my side, to aid thought and Memory. As we bask in the autumnal surroundings, watching drifts of brightly colored leaves forming crunchy golden carpets, a host of memories of days roaming Lemurian roads waft back.

We smile and nod as the memories pass by.

There are so many moments that I could recall but it is Mnemosyne, whose name means memory who springs to mind. She was the mother of the muses. When I worked with Mnemosyne we sat by Mnemosyne’s stream and recanted so many memories.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I chose to share it with the Lemurian Hermit sharing memories of times when our mothers were alive. Some simple buttered biscuits, topped with fresh tomato, bought back memories of afternoon tea with my mother. My mother always had a cache of food that she could produce at a moments notice. A favorite standby of hers, ready for when the unexpected visitor appeared, was  to produce dry biscuits, butter them and then top them with cheese and tomato. She served them on bone china and poured copious amounts of tea from her bone china teapot into an eclectic collection of cups with matching saucers and plates.

Remembering Mum I buttered some biscuits, added some tomato and took them, along with some freshly made cake, to share with the Hermit.

A visit to the Hermitage is always restorative. Fond memories of my mother soothed me. It was my first Mother’s Day without  her.

Perhaps while we are here in Lemuria Raven and I will wander back in time and marvel at the richness of hours spent in this peaceful world, far removed from shattering world events.