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Isle of Ancestors

The Crone is not just an old woman now. She is sort of an ageless Wisdom Goddess, not necessarily the ugly old witch with a very long nose who lives close to the ground. People would go to her and she would be able to do certain ceremonies for them.

Undertake a mysterious journey and visit The Isle of Ancestors or mingle with the Wyse Women of Owl Island.

Goddesses and woman in general as thin, young and sexy. Unfortunately the Crone archetype has been neglected, shoved to the back of our minds, and only brought out at Samhain. She has been made into the wicked witch of children’s nursery times and fables. But really we should be seeing the Crone as a beautiful and spiritual woman of wisdom. She has done with childbearing and is now free to be herself and explore her own spirituality. She is the Matriarch, the keeper of tradition and she walks the line between twilight and darkness and understands the importance of death and renewal.

From Crone and Sage