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The Glasses


When you take Enchanteur’s special glasses from the bag she gives travellers you, like those who have travelled the Serpentine Road before you, will discover a new way of seeing.

Well I guess this is it. This antique wooden door with stained glass windows. The portal. I swallow a lump in my throat as I reach for the handle. It’s a round, shiny brass one. I turn the handle, push open the door and whoosh! I’m almost sucked inside a black hole. I’m holding onto the door for dear life and of course my eyes are closed – tightly. Whatever was trying to suck me in relents after a minute and I open one eye and then the other.

The meadow scene before me looks quite harmless, colourful, beautiful, smells like flowers, but I hear a rustling over to the right and see someone disappear into some bushes with a colourful gown trailing behind them. I frown and move forward, almost stepping on a lumpy, drawstring bag. I look around furtively and then bend to pick it up and peek inside. I squint, perhaps expecting another whoosh! but I see only a few items which may be of some use in this other world I’ve stepped into. A couple of wings, some dreams seeds and the like. One thing glows at the bottom of the bag and begins to warm my hand through the material. I reach for it ( a smooth, round stone) and it glows more and feels even warmer, almost hot. I decide not to draw any conclusions at this point. If I am going to survive this adventure, then I should keep an open mind. Putting the stone back, I draw the top of the bag closed and take a very deep breath.

I gaze at the meadow before me and realise that there is something dark and broody marring the horizon, like a blemish on a clean white sheet. Clouds? Rain? A ripple of apprehension goes through me tinged with a little bit of excitement. Not too much, just a little. Enough to carry my feet forward.

by Soultide