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At Raven’s Beckoning

Raven symbolizes changes in consciousness and is the symbol of a shape shifter. Ravens are prophets, spell-casters, and messengers. Raven offers knowledge of the world to the people for safe keeping. Over the course of generations, this knowledge is passed on, and the spirit of transformation begins to unfold.

When change needs to occur, the Raven flies quickly. She also brings new things, new places, new ideas, and rebirth. Raven helps the worthy, but loves to trick the unsuspecting; and is as full of mischief as she is wonderful. Raven symbolizes the home of our ancestors, our personal stories and imprinted memories. Raven is distinctly earthy, and feminine.

At Raven’s beckoning Baba comes to me with soup, a special elixir for the soul,  strong brew that she thinks will warm the now aching heart where Dougie was comforted as he died.


Vale Dougie

Moon Seed Crystal Ball

Animals Grieve Douglas


A constant companion, soul mate and friend
Who walked with me compassionately
We will always be together.