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Raven or Crone

In many Irish stories the crone goddess, often under the name of the Badb (bao, or raven), ordains or foreshadows the warrior’s death. She is seen washing at the ford, and the clothing belongs to one about to die in battle.

Celtic traditions contained a rich lode of myths about a divine Old Woman. In Gaelic (both Irish and Scottish)she is called the Cailleach (from caille, mantle or veil, thus veiled one.) [The Q-Celtic word cailleach is related to the Latin pallium, which survived as the name for a priestly stole. MacKenzie thinks cailleach originally signified a nun, but the ancient traditions predate christianity. 137] This is not a veil of modesty—the cailleachan are wild—but of mystery.

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Working With Baba

Raven and I have decided to stay on in the House of Baba. The soup she gave me has nourished me and inspired me to learn more about aging and moving into a new period of creativity. As I pottered about in her library I stumbled upon the work of Helen Redman. After exploring her site I can feel the creative juices stirring.