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Raven Coat of Arms

“Korwin I sometimes known as Ślepowron variation – In a red field, a black raven is facing left with a gold ring in its beak; it stands on a natural tree-stump, lying crosswise with two knots on top and two on the bottom. Over the helmet and the coronet are three ostrich feathers.

Korwin is a Polish Coat of Arms with a fascinating story.

Or, a raven standing upon a hurdle sable; for Crest, a beacon proper and for Motto: Beart do réir ár mbriathar. Granted September 30, 1944.

The arms of the city (German name Freiwaldau) show a tree trunk with a raven. The arms are identical to the ‘Freiwaldauer Raths Sigel’ (local seal of Freiwaldau) from 1800. The meaning of the arms is not clear, but the tree trunk can indicate the forest (Wald). An older seal of the city, known from 1633, shows a man holding a branch in his hands, on the shield a helmet with the man again as crest. The meaning of those arms is not known.

The Story and History of Saint Vincent
St. Vincent was born in Born at Cimiez, France and became the Deacon of Saragossa in the former Kingdom of Aragon, Spain. Saint Vincent lived during the joint reigns of two Roman Emperors. The Roman Emperor Maximian, who was Roman Emperor for the Western Empire from 286 to 305 and Diocletian (r.284-305). who mounted some of the fiercest persecutions of the early Church especially in the East of the Roman Empire. This was an extremely dangerous time to adhere to the Christian faith due to persecutions of the Roman Emperors, and Saint Vincent, having been appointed a Deacon of the church, was arrested by Dacian the governor of Spain. He was put to the torture by his flesh being lacerated by iron forks and thrown into the sea. His body is said to be cast up by the sea on the promontory now designated Cape St. Vincent where it was protected from wild beasts, that came there to devour it, by crows or ravens.