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Inner Architecture

J. Krishnamurti in his book Think on These Things declares, “Only the mind which has no walls, no foothold, no barrier, no resting place, which is moving completely with life, timelessly pushing on, exploring, exploding – only such a mind can be happy, eternally new, because it is creative in itself.”

Some years ago now I was flattered to have my Alluvial Mine acknowledged and to be included in a piece about Inner Architecture.

The Alluvial Mine is possibly one of the most mysterious and least developed parts of Soul Food. Looking at it now reminds me of the rich wealth to be sourced when we are prepared to mine the subconscious and find Berried Treasure.

To journey into Lemuria and along the Serpentine Road, to actively mine the rich mines of this world, is a way to enhance one’s creative capacity. Perhaps more importantly, entering this portal is to enter  the mysterious world of the subconscious.

Few who enter return the same. Most find their authentic voices.