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Meet Cor


Cor, Duncan and I are ready to travel to unknown places. Follow us as we travel together.


Through the Portal

DonkeyRear I know it is him. I understand that he had all but given up and was tired of looking through that portal waiting for me to come back. It has been such a long time and lets face it, a donkey does have a life to lead, needs time to graze and gather strength.

For now I am just watching. I feel strangely timid and unsure of the reception I will get when he looks around and sees that I am here.

It really has been too long. The wasteland I have inhabited has been a lonely place. I am travelling very lightly. I have all that I need in the bag E gave me when last I walked Lemurian roads.

As I stand watching Duncan I contemplate the oceanic realm of the human imagination, the great myths and religious symbols and works of art born over the centuries. I stop to remember the Ravens, those creative women who gave so generously of themselves.

I am ready to go again.