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Origami Ravens for Halloween

It is almost safe to say that if an animal comes in all black, it could be considered linked to the supernatural and scary. Crows have long been thought to become present to represent a bad omen. This could be why this creature has come to symbolize Halloween. Also, they are sometimes believed to be companions of witches and certainly a common part of their brews to cast spells.

A group of crows circling overhead, called a murder actually, has become a tale of superstition claiming someone will die. Of course there are plenty of cultures and folklore that consider a single crow or a murder of crows to be good luck, but when it comes to Halloween, crows are seen as devious. Edgar Allan Poe may not have helped the matter with his classic chilling poetic account of “The Raven” who comes knocking, knocking at his chamber door.

As you decorate for Halloween remember that artificial ravens and crows, used in in moderation, are a great addition to the tops of your tombstones, sitting in trees, and looking over your trick or treaters from the top of your porch, or anywhere they can sit and stare at your visitors as they arrive. These can be found at art’s & crafts stores during the Halloween season. Various sizes can be found as well as owls and vultures. Alternatively .make some spooky ravens for decorations this Halloween


Halloween Support Team

HalloweenDemonsFor now I think I need a support team if I am going to come up with fresh ideas for this disturbing playground.

An Eye on the Disturbing Playground


As we gear up for Halloween at Soul Food I am just keeping an eye on The Disturbing Playground. Make sure to join in the fun.
by Heather Blakey