Monthly Archives: January 2012

Calling Me

A beautiful black raven is perched atop the power line outside the window where I am writing. She has been loudly cawing, drawing attention to herself and reminding me that she is there. Her call is insistent.

Two years of semi silence is a long stretch by anyone’s measure. Time is the most precious of gifts and it is disturbing to look back and contemplate time that has been lost. Time lost is time when we feel that we have not lived as fully, it is time when one does not feel enriched by creative endeavors, when creativity has been all but drained away.

However, in all honesty I cannot say that the past years have been a wasteland or that time has been lost. My losses have been immeasurable but I have not been at a complete standstill. Rather, some of the creative land that I had tilled has lain fallow while other things, like moving and creating a life for myself in a new place have taken a priority.

Perhaps if I till the ground here I will harvest anew and rekindle some of the old connections that have been a source of inspiration over the years.