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The Vikings used a lot the image of the crow. The put a symbol on their sails. Ragnar Lodbrok had a flag called “reaffirmation” and embroidered on it the image of a crow. According to legend, if the flag fluttered in the wind, Lodbrok would win but if the flag hung motionless, they lose the battle.

The Raven is a bird of high intelligence in many mythologies is revered and feared. The legends of this enigmatic bird back centuries, having been immortalized with his sinister presence as a bad omen …

The common raven is between 52 and 69 centimeters in length and its weight varies from 0.69 to 1.7 kilograms.

Generally live 10 to 15 but some individuals have reached 40 years. Part of their success is due to their omnivorous diet, the Common Raven is extremely opportunistic, feeding on carrion, insects, food waste, grains, berries, fruits and small animals.

In some places large numbers and amazing adaptation to almost any habitat they have forged a reputation as a “plague.” The Common Raven has one of the largest brains of all species of birds. It has been reported that crows are at other animals to work for them, for example by calling the wolves and coyotes to the place of a carcass.

The presence of crows in wars, death scenes, with his appetite scavenger have promoted black bird as a harbinger of death. In many cultures there is mention of this bird in its legends:

– In Norse mythology the image of the god Odin has a raven on each shoulder, Huginn represents the thought, while Muninn is memory. Odin sent his birds to travel the world to observe what happens, the old god fearing for the death of both. Their fear is that of the elders at the loss of the ability to think and remember.

The Vikings used a lot the image of the crow. The put a symbol on their sails. Ragnar Lodbrok had a flag called “reaffirmation” and embroidered on it the image of a crow. According to legend, if the flag fluttered in the wind, Lodbrok would win but if the flag hung motionless, they lose the battle.

– In Greek mythology, Apollo, the god of the sun sent a white crow to protect Corinis, a mortal of the sun god who fell in love. When she was unfaithful in a neglect of the raven, the bird flew to the heavens and said what happened to Apollo. God burned the crow and the feathers were black, and since then this bird is associated with bad news. If you hear it squawking warns of approaching death, if a house fly, this will have bad luck. The peasants who saw a crow fly over his flock know that one of the animals perish soon.

– In the fable of King Arthur, reported that he did not die and magically transformed into a raven. According to legend, if ever all ravens of the Tower of London disappeared, the British Empire would fall away in the absence of their guardians. This myth was born in the nineteenth century, a period in which the ravens of the tower is fed from the eyes of the criminals executed by the Empire.

– In the Hebrew stories there is a strange connection between the raven and dove, birds important to the image of God, the crow guides man in the darkness, is the sentinel of the Moon. While the pigeon goes to the man in the light, the sun and life. Noah sent two birds in search of dry land. The raven did not return to find abundant food, while the dove brought hope. This fable shows the raven and the dove as wisdom and knowledge.

– In Buddhism Dharma protector Mahakal is represented by a crow, because of its association with soil and worms. Figure in the first reincarnated Dalai Lama, who according to legend, during his birth home was attacked by thieves, forcing parents to flee. Fearing the worst when they returned they were surprised to see the Dalai Lama lives, surrounded by crows. Since then, the Dalai Lama are protected by crows, and birds are mentioned in Tibetan Buddhism and disciplines.

Occult circles talk about the participation of the crow as a guide the souls of the dead to the underworld. However, there are occasions where the deceased died unjustly or was not his time to die. In these rare cases, Native American legends, in which the soul can not rest and must return to repair the damage suffered. The author James O’Barr wrote the popular comic “The Crow, the Crow in 1989, it was to be able to cope with the loss of his fiancee at the hands of a drunk driver.

Later in 1994 the story was made into a movie where Brandon Lee immortalized Eric Draven, a young musician who returns from the dead to quench their thirst for revenge. The raven is the source of power and gives invunerabilidad, strength and vision of all you can see the black bird. Sagas of the film later overshadowed a classic film which unfortunately Brandon Lee was killed in an unfortunate accident.

The most intelligent bird

Crows have shown high levels of recursion and memory. Being the most intelligent birds, they can learn words and short sentences even better than a parrot, its ability to mimic is truly amazing. Talking crow.

Can count on a different scale, ie if three humans enter a room with crows, and leave two visitors, the birds know that there is still a person. They have also shown some attraction to small, bright objects, which they steal and conceal. Cuervo using a wire as a hook to get food.

Show planning and communication skills with individuals, some species such as Corvus moneduloides learn to use tools to get your food. It is well known for crows have learned to use the vehicle traffic on a road to crack open nuts, nuts open using car Ravens on the road.

Surprisingly these birds respect their elders, who bring food, according to research that shows that the species are familiar with the concept of respecting their elders. Despite having much intelligence crows are not good pets, as well the saying goes “Raise ravens and they will peck out your eyes.”

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  • gwenguin1  On July 10, 2011 at 8:31 am

    The Raven sure has a mixed bag of myths doesn’t it? I have been in the habit for a while now, when I see a raven I ask him politely;
    “Have you any news for me today Brother Raven?”

    The raven will either caw at me and hop closer, or he will turns his glossy back and hop away. I always ask him to send my love to you.

    I may never tire of Raven Lore, Heather.


  • Heather Blakey  On July 10, 2011 at 8:46 am

    Raven offers an incredibly mixed bag Gwen. I love it when I find something new. I did not know about the connection with the first reincarnated Dalai Lama.

  • QuinnCreative  On July 10, 2011 at 12:51 pm

    Gwen, this is just fascinating. It makes sense how come people are attracted to ravens. We had a family of crows that lived in our yard. They played games, used tools to get food and made me realize how smart they were!

  • imogen88  On July 12, 2011 at 11:38 am

    It’s amazing that the raven hasn’t been ignored in every culture, so ravens are cool.

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